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Your IQ will be measured based on a test of 100 questions which has a time limit of 60 minutes. You will see a clock with the time you have left in the upper right hand corner. Once the test has started, it cannot be stopped. There is no pause button and you cannot save your tests and continue at a later point. So please see to it, that you have 60 minutes of time, in which you are not distracted.

You can jump between questions, should you decide to answer a question at a later time. Once the 60 minutes are up, the test will automatically conclude and you will be redirected to your results. Questions that have not been answered within the time, will be marked as incorrect. If you finish earlier, you have the option to have your test graded or go over your questions again. You will not get any bonus points for finishing early!

Your IQ will be graded based on the number of questions you answer correctly and the age you provided at the beginning of the test. Please provide your actual age, any inacuracy could diminish your score.

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How the IQ Test is Structured

You will be given 60 minutes to answer 100 questions out of following categories:

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